Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The Torn movie premiere which took place on the 27th of July 2013 at the silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island has come and well... it has gone. But trust us at Fashion Minders to get the Fashion Moments. Here are a few of the celebs that were captured at the event and their FM rating!

Monday, 29 July 2013


Feet??? Ah! Are we really gonna talk about feet? I used to be the kind of girl who would always go for the head over heels (in short i was head over heels. lol!) ”Afterall, once I wear my shoes(especially a fine one), no one will probably notice my feet”, that was my excuse for neglecting my feet for so many years until a friend of mine and I got into a heated argument and then she abused me by blurting out to me ’DIRRTTTYY FEET’… It hurt me to my bone, and quickly, I changed my erroneous belief and started paying attention to my feet. A lot of people still don’t care about their feet, apart from cosmetic reasons, you should also take care of your feet to prevent you from contacting some feet infections such as Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

Friday, 26 July 2013


Dresses are in! Whether u’re shopping for a corporate, casual, dinner or cocktail dress, you must follow certain rules of thumb that will guide in making excellent fashion decisions with regards to purchase of dresses.

What’s my style?
I like to say it over and over again; don’t be a slave of trends, have a personal style and be true to it. Don’t pick a dress just because it’s in vogue, rather, consider how comfortable it will be for you and how much of your person it reflects. Never forget this; “At every point in time, you are always making a fashion statement, make sure the fashion statement perceived by others is that intended by you”.

For what Occasion is it Intended?
If you are shopping for a particular occasion, it is also very important you put into consideration the kind of party you’re attending and the dress that will be best suited for the event. For example, if u are going for a wedding ceremony, you won’t want to wear an extremely mini dress that stands you out for all the wrong reasons and if you’re buying a dress for a club, buying a flowing dress will be grossly inappropraite!

Does it suit my figure?
Infact, after answering this question and understanding your morphological attributes, you will be able to determine what suits you best- not just for the purpose of buying a dress, but also for your whole wardrobe composition. If you have a straight figure, it’s always more advisable to do away with body con dresses that reveals your flaw and if you’re flat chested, you may want do away with deep v-cut necklines. More to come on body shapes in subsequent articles…

What Colour will suit me/occasion?
Colours play a very important role in our fashion choices. It’s always best to go for colours that will complement and flatter ones skin tones. It’s always advisable for dark beauties to go for brighter shades. You can always experiment and play around with colours, but one must not remember to stay within the range of colour blocking as only a thin line separates colour blocking from it’s undesirable counterpart- colour rioting! Lol

How Much Do I Have???
Before the saying used to be ‘cut your coat according to your size’, but now it’s ‘cut your coat according to ur material/clothe available’. Know the amount you’re willing to part with for the dress and work around that amount. If you can’t afford the new ones, then you can do some bend-down-select, okrika,boscona, fairly used clothes.

Other factors to consider include;
The texture of material that’s used in making the dress as some materials will be more suited for some sizes than othes.
The proper accessory (ear rings, neck piece, shoes, clutch, bags etc) that’s available or you can afford for the dress.
Does it cover the flaw you intend to cover? A person with very dark knees, spotted legs, etc should avoid showing too much of the legs.
Now you can go buy dresses confidently, rest assured that you have made decent fashion choice.
Tiwa Savage looking resplendent in Electric Yellow
Stephanie Idahosa looking casual and Chic in a floral print mini dress.

Eniola Badmus proves that bold is truly beautiful. Her arms are beautifully
covered up and she matches with the right accessories (not over accesorizing)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

It came like a flash about a year ago and since then everyone from the hawkers on the street, the mundane office workers, the boss ladies to celebs on the red carpet; everyone is embracing this fashion trend. It’s a trend that suits all occasions depending on it’s cut. And from observation, I’m yet to see any shape that the peplum dress or top doesn’t suit.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fashion, over the years, has become an umbrella term that covers every attempt we make to look exquisite. Irrespective of sex, gender, age, background and all, let’s face it, everyone, one way or the other wants to look good. 

Emotions and fashion are intrinsically linked, which is a why a lot of people tend to dress down on days of depressive thoughts. There’s a level of confidence one exudes when you are in your elements and appropriately dressed for an occasion. This supports the saying ‘Look Good feel Good!’ Rather I’ll say Look Good, Feel Effulgent! 
Fashion covers a whole spectrum of activities involved in putting up impeccable appearance whilst still being in vogue. It involves stepping out of the box. Fashion is not boring! It’s an expression of one’s personality as dictated by trend. Fashion is fun, it’s not about calculated thought processes, it’s about taking risk and it evolves every time. It’s about pairing the right colours, wearing the right outfit at the right time, having fun and most of all staying happy, optimistic and brilliantly radiant!


Wow!!! It's so exhilarating to be on this medium. After so many months of running a facebook page, I've decided to let people into my world where fashion is a way of life-my culture. I find it hard to believe that I'll be blogging about fashion... like seriously? i cant believe this.After going through a lot of phases, once a tomboy, I moved on to be come a lover of black outfits (as a way of blending in without being noticed), I once decided to go against trends; once an item is trending, I'll stop wearing it- all because I detested fashion and it's appendages. Now I'm here, embracing the one thing I once detested, as they say: 'C'est la vie'.

The Intervention
Like i mentioned, I've been through many phases, I'm sure you must be wondering by now, how i got here.... well, it's not that hard to imagine. I finished from UNILAG (if you're a reader from  Nigeria, you know what that means) I was living amongst fashionable ladies daily, but i  beefed snickered at them all, and I considered them silly, though one part of me still loved how they paid so much attention to their feminine aspects. But silently, somewhere I realised that the more i drifted away from fashion, the more drab my life became, the more i fell in love with black, the more i drowned in the negative end of my bipolar tendencies. I woke up one morning and decided that i needed a breathe of fresh air, I brought out my colourful pieces (not like i didn't have them, i chose to not wear them, silly me lol) and just put them together, without really caring how i looked or what anyone had to say. Much to my surprise, i got lots of compliments from members of both gender, guys on the streets were dying to get my attention and those in their lush rides couldn't stop peering out of their cars, honking for me to hop in... Didn't know that i could get so much attention, I was a celeb, howbeit for one day. I relished the moment and well, like Olivress Twist, I wanted more.
I picked up more trendy outfits, and the compliments kept rolling in, i couldn't resist the temptation of falling in love more and more with fashion. i had tasted the forbidden fruit and like Adam and Eve, my eyes were open to fashion faux pas, hits, misses, trash, trends and a whole lots of other fashion related jargon. I spent more time watching fashion shows on TV, reading fashion magazines, analysing celeb style; a complete diversion from the course i studied and from who i was.

Sorry to disappoint you, i have not been enrolled in any fashion school in some fancy location, new york, L.A, Milan, Berlin, Lagos etc duh! But I can tell you that I have travelled to all those places in my mind and through the Internet... lol! And from the little I have learnt, I have come to share with all and sundry who cares to read. Have a wonderful time being a minder... 

Fashion Minders... Your one stop spot for fabulousity!!!