Thursday, 26 December 2013

Style Focus: Kcee aka Limpopo Master

I saw this picture of Kcee on a blog where the blog administrator asked 'hot-or-not?'; this then brought to mind that there two options that could have warranted such a question(It doesn't even sound like a question anyway), either the blog administrator was on the same page with Kcee or it was all laced with sarcasm.

After I saw the image above, I quickly said hello to my bestfriend-google and the rest I saw were almost more nightmarish than the above. After seeing loads of images of the self acclaimed 'limpopo' master (whatever that means *sighs*), I concluded that style and Kcee should never appear in the same sentence except it is a negative one.

There's no crime in growing up as a local dude, there will only be a problem if you refuse shake off the village mentality dressing that once plagued you. And one will wonder that this dude sang Oprekete; which satirically  'yabbed'/criticized girls who could never get used to the good life though they acted so. Who is the ultimate oprekete now?

What statement is he trying to make here?
See more images after the cut...
Oprekete feeling funky. *Keep your eyes off Harry Song's crouch area*
This gives a redolence of a Secondary school student's uniform with a bit of unnecessary swag!
 For goodness's sake, who pairs a tie and a neck chain if not an oprekete???

Someone please tell me he borrowed his sister's top...
Else, there aint any excuse for this eyesore
The shimmery top
The overly long pair of pants
The NYSC footwear... *sighs*
And he almost got it right here till i saw the suicide tool at the neck area.
After seeing all these images, we can safely conclude that Kcee needs a stylist urgently and if he has one already, he should fire him/her without any hesitation! He needs a change. He shouldn't go into 2014 looking this way.

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